Our Mission is to build relationships and use best consulting practices to enhance organizational performance and individual development.
We strive to leave our client organizations stronger and more capable than when we first engaged.

About Us

Marilyn L. Marles is founder of the Marles Group, an organization consulting firm focused on leveraging organizational and individual strengths to improve performance and productivity.
She holds a Masters degree from American University/NTL and is a skilled facilitator with strong practical and theoretical background in group dynamics, group process, organization behavior, MBTI, as well as results-based performance measurement. Her work has extended through more than 30 states, Canada, Europe and Central America.
A recent success involved team development and implementation of results-based measures for the entire staff of a federal agency, contributing to a 400% increase in department productivity.

Contact information

Email: marilyn@marlesgroup.com
Phone: 610-398-0125

Consulting and Training

Often the issues you see are actually symptoms of a different set of problems.

We listen to clients to hear not only your immediate needs, but to uncover any hidden issues or the possibilities behind them. While training is often the first solution that leaders look toward, there may be other appropriate interventions that we invite you to consider for a stronger result.

Strategy and Change

Strategic planning is an intentional approach to change, ideally for improved business results. Through facilitated meetings and executive retreats, we can help your leadership group or team:

Definitions: Change and Transition

Change” is usually an event, an alteration in our external environment; something new starts or something old stops. Our experience of that event provides (or doesn’t provide) us with meaning.

Transition” is the gradual psychological process through which individuals and groups reorient themselves so that they can function and find meaning in the changed situation.

Meeting Facilitation

Do you spend too much time in meetings that produce too little?

Meetings led by a neutral third party can be more productive, lead to more creative problem solving, and free the leader/manager to engage in positive participation rather than worry about meeting management issues.

Our involvement includes:

Team Development

Your team can be more effective and work together more productively and positively.

We will assess your team’s situation, and recommend appropriate follow up, which may include the following topics:  

Leadership Development

The strength of any organization depends on its leadership.

Leaders are developed through a combination of training in applicable skills and processes, and an organizational environment that reinforces desired leader behaviors.

Topics include:

Results-Based Measurement

Don’t measure more, measure better.

Managing employee performance is so much more than an annual appraisal. A thorough understanding of the cycle of performance management, from clarifying high-level strategic goals, through performance planning, feedback and appraisal, can significantly enhance your organization’s effectiveness.

Many organizations are focusing more on accountability and performance results. Yet many kinds of jobs do not lend themselves well to quantitative measures.

Results-based measures focus employee effort and energy on the critical outcomes that the job must produce, not on activities.

We are the only authorized provider of Jack Zigon’s two award-winning workshops other than Jack himself:
          How to measure employee performance
          How to measure team performance

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The Book of Road-Tested Activities, edited by Elaine Beich (2011)
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